Extra virgin olive oil made from
100% Turkish olives

The premium delicacy and
quality that you are after

Perfect combination of
tasty and healthy

The Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is made from 100% Turkish olives of variety Domat, Gemlik and Memecik which are typical of the Aegean Region.

The olive oil is extracted directly from olives through a cold press process. 

It is aromatic and strongly flavoured that brings the perfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes including salads, stews, grilled meat and fish dishes. Drizzling Alivia olive oil over boiled vegetables enhance your palate.

Olive tree (Olea Europea) is a strong tree. Despite of its slow and difficult growth,
it has a long life. Therefore, it is called “Immortal Tree” in mythology and botany.
Calcareous, pebbly, rocky and dry soil is suitable for an olive tree to grow on due to
its roots extending to depth. The most favorable environment for an olive tree is the
climate which is hot in summer and temperate in winter. Olive tree likes light,
sun and temperatures over 15°C. Annual average of 220 mm rainfall is
sufficient for the efficient growth of an olive tree.

Olive tree generally grows in geographies with low altitude. The upper surface of the
olive tree’s leaves, in the form of bush, is dark and the bottom surface has a silvery color.
Leaves come out from both sides of the branch in a perfect order. The body having
an average width of 40-50 cm is resistant against decay.
New leads growing from the burls revitalize the body when the tree gets old.

Olive tree which has an average height of 2-10 m, bears large amount of fruits in one year,
and less in the following year. Blooming period in Northern Hemisphere is between April
and June. Green olive ripen between the end of August and beginning of November.

Connecting Past to Present

In the ancient lands of Aegean, there have always been olive trees. They are central to the story of our people. 

The olive is love and olive oil is a miracle.

In every bottle of Alivia, the eternal journey of the olive continues, allowing you to taste the Aegean miracle.

Care & Passion

We love what we do and how we do! We put our care, quality and passion into creating our extra virgin olive oil. Our passion pushes us to continually craft the freshest extra virgin olive oil.

Guaranteed Quality

We use traditional methods to produce oil so when you buy olive oil from us, you buy quality guarantee.